“black pearl”



VINEYARD: Designated as such due to the way the grape clusters look like so many shiny black pearls that seemingly beg to be picked and turned into fine wine.
HARVEST: Mid October 2012
Brix: 26°+
VINIFICATION: 2012 was a stellar growing season, giving us the luxury of pushing the envelope in the pursuit of creating mind-blowing wines. We let the grapes of the Black Pearl Vineyard on the vine just as long as we pleased. Hang time, the brilliant sunshine of late fall, warm days and cold nights, all combined to put the finishing touches on those succulent black pearl gems. After picking, it was a family affair of hand-sorting the grapes on their way to the open-top tanks. Wild yeast ferment, punched down by hand, gentle pressing straight to French oak barrels. And already the sublime aromas of this young wine had begun swirling through the barrel room, bringing smiles to our faces.
ELEVAGE: 19 months in barrel, 75% new French Oak.
ALC: 15.2%
PRODUCTION: 175 cases

TASTING NOTES – One of a kind wine that defies description. But here are a few words to guide you. Blueberry cheesecake. Mocha. Licorice. Lavender. On the palate, layered, complex, plush, lush, rich, and enchanting. This wine is hitting on all twelve cylinders right now. Cellaring will be rewarded. But then again, so will drinking it now.